How To Make Yourself Infamously Immortal

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Your body will die, but your name can live on forever... Or for however long it'll take for people to forget about comic creator Mark Millar's next project. He's auctioning off the name of his Nemesis lead character for charity.


This will be the third time Millar has auctioned off the chance for someone to have a character in one of his comic books named after themselves; the lead in Kick-Ass was the first, and the cop antagonist of Nemesis the second. Now,he's offering the chance for someone to become Evil Batman, with proceeds going towards a school helping handicapped children in Scotland. Millar explained:

I had chosen a good secret identity for Nemesis himself, but it seems almost selfish not to auction this now too and possibly reach the halfway line the kids need for this bus. I'm amazed how much cash was raised the first time around, but am hoping the auction to name the title character raises even more. Dave Lizewski loves the fact he's the lead in the Kick-Ass comic, movie and upcoming video-game and I'm hoping whoever wins this new auction is equally delighted. A huge thanks to them for finding the cash in these difficult times.


With the bidding open for a day so far, the auction is still at a surprisingly low $539.99 at time of writing. Considering that Nemesis is most likely going to follow Wanted and Kick-Ass into much-hyped movie and multimedia mainstream mode, we're expecting (and, because it's for charity, hoping) bidding goes much higher before the auction ends February 11th.

Win The Title Role Iin Nemesis! [eBay]

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Are we allowed to donate/auction on the behalf of someone else?

Cause I think this guy really needs an awesome alias: