How to make the perfect slime

HouseHacker has come up with a formula for creating an exceedingly simple — but highly effective — blob of oozy slime.


All you need is 500 ml of polyvinyl alcohol and 50 ml of borax Solution. Pour the borax solution into the polyvinyl alcohol. Mix generously; the stirring will create chemical bonds that will break when while new bonds form.

"This links the atoms and molecules together forming a molecular net that will trap all the water," writes HouseHacker. "This net is what allows the slime to flow slowly as opposed to flowing like normal water would."

Watch the video to see how it's done — and to see what you can do with your awesome new glob of slime.



How to create the perfect slime?

Easy: Become a Tea-Party Republican,

then have children.

Viola, Slime.