How to make rainbow fire pumpkins!

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Now is the time to gather the materials to make rainbow fire pumpkins. They're both creepy and festive.


So you've decided against nuts as your primary light source for this Halloween. That's fair. Maybe instead, you could try something different with your jack-o-lantern. Get some drugstore materials and turn it into a rainbow flaming pumpkin of horror.


First carve your pumpkin as normal. I prefer happy faces because, if you're going to be a creator, you should be a benevolent one. Although benevolence might not be the best word for what you do next. Get a big bottle of hand sanitizer and coat the outside of the pumpkin with it. Then sprinkle on just a little bit of borax. Borax is a soft white crystal that dissolves easily in water. It's used in a lot of things, from roach killer to toothpaste. You'll find it in a lot of soaps and detergents. If you need to pick some up, go to a hardware store, a drugstore, or one of those do-it-yourself stores that sells the ingredients to make your own soap. Sprinkle just a bit of powder all over the pumpkin.

Now set it alight. Your pumpkin should be covered with rainbow-colored flames. And it should burn for a while, possibly coming to life and cursing your name. (It depends what you were chanting while you were carving it.)

Obviously, this experiment involves both fire and roach killer, so be very careful and try to do it outside. (Besides, if you don't do it outside, how will you scare passing children?)

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We need some safety requirements. Do wear gloves. Leather work gloves, or disposable plastic gloves. Please do not plave your rainbow fire pumpkin on anything that eill also catch fire or melt. It. Ight not me a high temperature, but just think about what candles can do! A metal tray underneath would be good. Please leave three feet of open space around your monstrosity once it is read to burst into terror-filled flames. Do not roast marshmallows over the burning flesh of the beast, since it's a chemical fire which deposits on said marshmallow. Also, most store purchased costumes are synthetic fabric and will melt into your skin if too close, or will burn quickly, so once lit, stay away les the beast attack you with rainbow doom.
To extinguish, a dry chemical fire extinguisher is the preferred method (type ABC is always great) or if you have a lid you can place over the tray, or a metal bucket, through which to suffocate the gourdish fiend, that works as well. Finally, because you used roach exterminating chemicals, place the cooled remains of your creature in a separate bag, tie it closed, and then dispose. Please wear your gloves for this as well.
Play. Safety covered, and now, go forth and bring terror to your neighbourhood!