How to make frighteningly realistic masks of human faces

YouTube is rife with cosplay creations that straddle the line between sort of impressive and unmitigated nightmare fuel. YouTube crafter zjchgf specializes in building masks of gleefully sinister women frozen silent mid-grin.


There's a video tutorial above. With a few friends with money to burn, you too can reenact the music video for Aphex Twin's "Windowlicker." And without further ado, here are some of zjchgf's greatest hits.

"At Buffalo Bill's Bridal Emporium, we put the lotion on the skin for three easy affordable down payments. The hose is free, as always."

Oh look, a happy maid! And look! She's lost her rosy demeanor after shedding her face like a chrysalis.

Have you ever wanted to see a blushing bride with full facial paralysis weep milk? Hit that play button, pilgrim!

And with these hungry eyes, I think we've all had enough for today. Go forth and give your loved ones angina.


[Via MeFi]

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Can I buy them pre-made? I have people to frighten I don't have the time to make these.