Alicia Traveria built this awesome Luke Skywalker piñata — his hand flies off when you when bash him, and he spurts red confetti when disemboweled. Best of all, she's written a tutorial so you can build your own.

Here's Alicia's M.O. for building an effigy of Mark Hamill:

That doesn't mean that you don't wish you could beat the crud out of Luke and his whiny ways every once in a while, though. Sure, he's the hero of the series, but come on! Wah! Wah! Wah! 'No, it's not true! That's impossible!' *whimper* *whimper* 'Noooooooooooooooo!' Yep. He's a whiner.

So now, everyone can get the chance to give Luke a good thrashing and chop off his hand, with my handy dandy Luke piñata complete with a Darth Vader blindfold and lightsaber beating stick!


You can read her full tutorial at Alicia Policia. Note the Darth Vader blindfold and the piñata-bashing stick painted like a lightsaber. Now that's going the extra mile. This piñata was built for her Empire Strikes Back-themed birthday, which contained such festive touches as Wampa Cake, a quiche shaped like Boba Fett, and chocolate Hershey's Incest Kisses.

[Spotted on Super Punch]