How to Make a Game of Thrones IKEA Cloak for $30

Image: io9
Image: io9

Last year, Game of Thrones costume designer Michele Clapton revealed that some of the earlier season Night’s Watch fur cloaks were actually made from IKEA sheepskin rugs. With Halloween around the corner, io9 video is going to show you how to make a nice, easy, and cheap one of your own.

There are plenty of ways you can make the coat, depending on your time and budget. After Clapton laid that costuming bombshell on the world, IKEA did release its own instruction guide on to modify their $79 rugs for Wall watching. However, for those (like me) who don’t have that kind of cash, there are ways of doing it for less than half the price. Here’s what you need:

An IKEA sheepskin rug ($15)
Fabric spray paint (brown and black, $5.99 each)
1-2 yards of black fabric ($2.99, IKEA)
Safety pins or needle & thread

You can also add:
Sponge ($3)
Fake black leather for Jon Snow ($7)
Hoop and chain for Sansa Stark ($7 total)

Step 1: Cut legs and a butt into the bottom of the rug. That will help it hang along the body, and make it look more like an actual wolf’s pelt. Use a pencil to trace a pattern. Household items like bowls can be used to make things look more even.

Step 2: Cut a hole in the middle for your head, with an opening to make it easier to put on and remove. Again, using a pencil and a bowl is helpful here.


Step 3: Paint the first layer of black or brown paint, depending on what look you want for your fur. For the video, I chose to do a black and white wolf for Sansa Stark, as seen in season seven. I also chose to make the wolf’s pelt a little lighter in color than hers, for two reasons: 1) I didn’t want to have to buy a second can of paint, and 2) leaving the edges paint-free keeps them soft, very helpful when wearing a costume for hours on end.

Step 3B (optional): Paint more layers of brown or black paint, if you want the wolf’s pelt to be darker. Give about five minutes between thin layers, while thicker layers need up to 30 minutes. Make sure you’re in a ventilated area.

Step 4: Paint a strip along the middle to make it look more like a wolf. I actually used this pattern as inspiration, widening out for the shoulders and narrowing down to the tail. This is the easiest way to create texture and variety.

Step 5: Attack the cloak. I bought one yard of cheap black IKEA fabric for $3, which worked well enough. Of course, the thicker the fabric, the better it’s going to look and feel. While duct tape is normally my best friend, it does not stick on the rug, so you need to use either safety pins or needle and thread to attach the cloak to the fur. Make sure to create folds every time you pin or sew it down—this will create movement in the cloak so it doesn’t look like a hanging sheet. Pull the fur around the pins or stitches to hide them.


So that’s the cloak! If you want to add accessories on the cheap, you can either make two triangular pieces of fake leather for Jon Snow’s body straps, attaching them with safety pins or by sewing, or you can build Sansa Stark’s necklace out of a hoop and chain from a design store. Now you can guard Winterfell like a true King (or Queen) in the North!

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