The Marine Mammal Center is an organization in California that looks after injured and sick marine mammals and returns them to the ocean. Sometimes the marine life is not so eager to go. Check out Leopico, a rescued sea lion, try to charge between volunteers before being driven out to the sea.

Run-ins with trash, fishing boats, or plain old communicable diseases do a lot of damage to marine wildlife. When helping stranded seals, sea lions, dolphins, and elephant seals, volunteers try to maintain as little contact with the animals as possible in order to prevent the animals from associating humans with food and care.


Most animals are therefore eager to head back to the ocean. Others, not so much. Leopico, one of three California Sea Lions released late December, tried to charge the volunteers and gallop up the beach before reluctantly heading into the ocean.

Take a look at more stories about injured wildlife — including the story of Green Tie, an elephant seal who was nearly decapitated by a tie stuck around his neck but made an amazing recovery — here at the Marine Mammal Center's news page. And yes, there are more pinniped videos.


[Via The Marine Mammal Center]

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