Could this be the greatest Angelina Jolie moment ever? Long before she starred in Wanted — before Hackers, even — she played a cyborg named Cash Reese in 1993's Cyborg 2, directed by the great schlock-meister Albert Pyun. Here are some of our favorite moments from the film, including a scene where a lady hacker gets root on Angelina's brain by talking to her about cream. Oh yes. Other great moments in our little clips reel: Angelina freaks out because she's been injected with a liquid explosive, and it turns out if she gets too far away from her creators, she goes haywire. (This is according to her mentor Mercy (Jack Palance) who appears in this scene as lips on the TV screen. And yes, it's Palance that Elias Koteas is calling "hot lips," not Jolie.) She also beats the crap out of an Asian fortune-teller/hacker, and then gets roped by the aforementioned lady hacker, who wears garter belt and stockings to go cyborg hunting. (Who wouldn't?) [IMDB]


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