How To Expand io9 Comments So You See All Replies

You may have noticed that the comment threads on io9 are automatically collapsed, so replies to comments don't show up. You can always click "read replies" to read the responses to one particular comment, or scroll to the bottom and click "expand all comments" to see all threads. But what if you want comment threads to be expanded automatically, whenever you open a post? There's a way to do that too.

Go to the top of the front page and click on your name. (Or go to You'll get a profile page showing your latest comments. And next to your name, there's "Edit my profile," followed by "Settings." Click on Settings, and you'll get the option to have comment threads automatically expanded whenever you view a post. You can also choose to view older comments first instead of newer comments — handy if you want to make sure you're not making a point someone else has already made — and automatically view all comments instead of "featured" ones.


Hope this helps!

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Thanks much Charlie Jane! Did this just get tweaked? I'd looked in the settings several days back when the collapsed threads first showed up and I swear this option wasn't there. I will not rule out a deep and abiding idiocy on my part, though...