How to apply Borg naming conventions to your chickens

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Suppose you keep chickens, and you want to name them according to the Borg designations? So if you've got four chickens, they're one of four, two of four, etc.? So far so good. But then what if one dies and is replaced? That's the dilemma one message board considered.


Over at Stack Exchange, a chicken-owner explained a sticky Borg-related issue:

"I have some chickens named with Borg designations. There were originally 4, so each of them was N of 4. Two of them died though, then I got two new ones, so should the new ones get their own group designation ("of 2") or should they become part of the original "of 4"? I would like to be technically correct about this."


The answers are pretty awesome — and helpful, to anyone who wants to raise Borg chickens:

Personally, I think you should go with 5 of 4 and 6 of 4. — KitFox

@Kit: Out of bounds index exception! — DVK

In the episode "Omega Directive" Seven of Nine assigns her crewmates Borg-like designations to indicate their status and team targets... Her convention is to use the number to designate rank within the team. Since the borg don't hold ranks or possess individuality, it therefore follows that you should simply give your new chickens the first available number within the team and to renumber the team accordingly. — Richard

The flashback(s) in VOY 6x02, Survival Instinct, suggest they will not resize the group unless necessary to accommodate new drones. — Izkata.

A side note that I can't think of support for at the moment: I think Borg designations are more akin to routing addresses than anything else. Those wouldn't change when a new node (drone) was added or removed, unless more space was required due to having too many nodes (drones). — Izkata.

Since Borg are essentially a distributed computing platform, routing addresses seem like they would be very important. (Thankfully they never adopted IPv6, or it would take 30 seconds to say any of their names...) — Dacio

The new chickens must be named Locutus and Hugh. You can assign these based on perceived personality, letting Hugh be whichever chicken you believe most likely to betray them all and fall for Lore's tricks. — John O.

There's tons more where that came from. [Stack Exchange]

Top image: Faykokowv on Backyard Chickens.


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