How The New Godzilla Found His Impressive Roar

Take a deep dive into the sound design behind this year's Godzilla movie. The lengths this team went to was pretty spectacular. Including capturing that awful "hand-on-balloon" sound for the alien pulsing sounds, and recording with microphones that capture sounds above human hearing to make the creature's vocals. So Loud!

And here's an even longer profile of the sound design:


Thanks for the tip Erik!

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I just want to know if the original Godzilla roar was included as an element. The new one does sound like it could include a slowed version of the original.

Also, the way they made the MUTO roars by rubbing and scraping various objects and slowing down the sounds is in the spirit of how the original Godzilla roar was created, by slowing down the sound of a double bass's strings being rubbed by a resin-coated leather glove.