Image: Marvel Comics.

The process of coming out is one that LGBTQ people go through multiple times in their lifeā€”speaking to family, speaking to friends, speaking to co-workers, hell, speaking to complete and utter strangers, sometimes. In the world of comic books, out heroes have one other category... telling their fellow superheroes.

The opening page of this weekā€™sĀ Iceman #3ā€”by Sina Grace, Alessandro Vitti, and Rachelle Rosenbergā€”sees Bobby Drake standing outside of his parentsā€™ home on the verge of telling them about his recent discovery about his own sexuality. In what Bobby thought was a way to try and re-acclimatize himself to the process of coming out, the young mutant pinged off a group text to a bunch of his distant colleagues to let them know, and the reactions range from a little hokey to pretty hilarious.

Thereā€™s famously gay mutant Jean-Paul Beaubier, a.k.a. famous gay mutant Northstar, whoā€™s very excited for Bobby. Former girlfriend Opal Tanaka plays it cool, as does Lorna Dane, a.k.a. Polaris. And then goofballs Johnny Storm and Spider-Man decide to make jokes, because of course they do. I kind of love that Boom Boom decided to just sidestep it altogether though.

Itā€™s a cute way of showing how increasingly comfortable Bobby is becoming in his own skin after being so hesitant when first confronted by his younger, time-displaced self about his feelings. But I bet poor Bobby is gonna have to send that text out to a few more times over the course of his current ongoing comic. Letā€™s hope not every response is as cheesy as Johnny Stormā€™s.