How The Last Jedi Made Star Wars Space Combat Legible

Pew pew pew.
Photo: Disney/Lucasfilm

If any one thing about The Last Jedi has been contentious—actually, no, strike that, everything about The Last Jedi has been contentious, including its approach to space combat (the Holdo Maneuver, anyone?). But according to one fan and critic, Rian Johnson’s epic actually makes space combat in the Star Wars universe more explicable, not less.

Setting aside Holdo’s hyperspace shenanigans, YouTube creator EC Henry has put out a short video that lays out how, in a few subtle, deft moves of exposition and scenecraft, The Last Jedi provides information that makes an entire series’ worth of space battles easier to understand. How do shields work? Why do capital ships in the Star Wars universe always rub up against each other like they’re trying to make little capital ship babies? According to Henry, The Last Jedi has the answers.


You can watch the video below. And if you like his take and want to see how he takes on Holdo’s tactics, he’s got a video for that, too.

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