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Morning SpoilersIf there’s news about upcoming movies and television you’re not supposed to know, you’ll find it in here.

Two new Flash videos reveal a major new villain, and a major new ally. Drew Goddard further talks up where Sinister Six could go. Chloe Bennett discusses transforming from Skye into Daisy on Agents of SHIELD. Plus what’s to come on Arrow, more on Alien: Paradise Lost, and clips from The Martian. Spoilers Get!


Blade Runner 2

Speaking to Yahoo, Ridley Scott explains why Harrison Ford is back, and how the second movie will hand the series over to Ryan Gosling for what sound like a few more possible installments:

Ryan Gosling is a great choice for Blade Runner 2.

Yeah, and I got Harrison back. Because Harrison said, “Meh,” and I said, “No, read this.” And I think he said, “This is the best script I’ve ever had.” We’ve been working on it for a couple of years.

You once said he’s a Replicant in the first one.

Of course he’s a bloody Replicant! He’s going to have to admit it.

So don’t Replicants die after four years?

I’m not going to tell you. You’ll have to see the story. It’ll all make sense.

And you’re going to hand over the franchise to Ryan Gosling after that.

Yeah, yeah.

What year will it be set in?

It was 2017, so coming back it’ll be 2047, roughly. As young as you can play Ryan Gosling. He’s 34, but he looks 27 when he’s doing his push-ups. So maybe 2050.


Alien: Paradise Lost

In the same interview, Scott also discusses the recent change to the film’s title and the main thrust of the story:

Have you ever read Paradise Lost, by Milton? In a funny kind of way, it’s an interesting basis for the darkness of [Prometheus 2]. Where the good-looking guy, who is evil as s–t, gets all the girls and goes to the nightclubs. The other guy, who is not quite as good-looking, is boring as hell and stays home. So in a funny kind of way, we used that as the basis for it, it’ll be Alien: Paradise Lost. Which is very spooky, because it continues after the last one, where Elizabeth Shaw [Noomi Rapace] says, ‘I wanna go where they came from.’ And you’ve got Michael Fassbender in two parts, so she’ll slowly put him back together. They will go to the world of the Engineer…That’s where they’re going to go. They will find out who would design such an awful bio-mechanoid creature, like a massive piece of bacteria.

Sinister Six

Drew Goddard further discusses the movie, after telling us that it could still happen following the Marvel/Sony collaboration:

I know what you’re talking about and I agree. When you’re doing just a straightforward superhero movie, you don’t need a lot of villains. The focus is on one guy. I think with ‘Sinister,’ it’s different. To me it’s less about too many villains and more about too many antagonists and there’s a distinction. You never say, like, ‘The Dirty Dozen’ has too many characters. They’re all villains, or you could argue that. But they’re protagonists. The trick with ‘Sinister,’ is that I was making everyone the protagonist and less about six-on-one and more about coming at it a little differently. That was the idea.




Speaking on the Fan Theory podcast, Michael Uslan, who’s served as executive producer of every Batman film since the 1989 Batman, says a major announcement about the Batman franchise will be unveiled at a New York Comic Con panel on October 10th. Considering it’s Uslan teasing, presumably this has something to do with the DC movies rather than any other Batman property. [CBR]


Doctor Strange

Following recent rumors that he’s up for a part as a villain in the film, Mads Mikkelsen says he’d be open to joining the film:

I know as much as the rest of the world about it. So far it’s been rumors, and so I’m waiting for a phone call. And if they do call me I would be over the moon. It would be fantastic to be part of the Marvel family, I mean it’s something we all grew up with and we all have our heroes and Doctor Strange is definitely one of the more interesting things.



Pacific Rim 2

After Guillermo Del Toro denied that the film had been cancelled, the sequel has now officially been pulled from Legendary’s film schedule. [Comic Book]


The Jungle Book

There’s a brief smattering of new footage in this Russian-language international trailer.

The Martian

NASA contemplates the idea that Mark Watney could be alive in a new clip.

Doctor Who

Here’s some lines of dialogue from episode three, “Under The Lake”:

  • None of you have chosen anonymous or selfish lives.
  • I left my sunglasses there and most of my dignity.
  • They wound’t say boo to a goose. More likely to give the goose their car keys and banks details.
  • I’ve never actually met a proper ghost.
  • Splinter of time in the skin - unnatural. She wants to get away from them.
  • There’s only room for one me.
  • What’s death like? Does it hurt? Do you still get hungry? Do you miss being alive?

More at the link! [Blogtor Who]

The cast and crew introduce the episode. [Blogtor Who]


Drew Goddard reclarifies his role in the second season of the show:

Yeah, I’m not running the show any more, Doug Petrie and Marco Ramirez are, and they’re doing a phenomenal job. I get to go and play. All I can tell you is that if you liked Season 1, then Season 2 is going to blow your mind. They’re going big.



Agents Of SHIELD

Chloe Bennett discusses transitioning from being Skye to being Daisy, and says that Daisy won’t earn her “Quake” moniker yet:

I thought it would be way harder but everyone was pretty easy of a transition, I don’t know why. I think you’ll see the first couple of episodes we focus on the fact that she’s changing her name and that Coulson in particular has the hardest time. There’s little references to it throughout the first couple episodes that made it easier.

She has not yet [gone by Quake]. I hope that comes soon.

[Comic Book]

The actor also discusses Daisy’s relationship with Coulson:

I feel like there’s definitely been a little bit of a shift. She is much more grown up and I think there’s obviously still that father-figure in him but I think there’s a lot more trust and mutual respect as colleagues that there hasn’t been before. I think Skye’s even more comfortable challenging him but also respects him so much. It’s more of a collaboration, I feel like, obviously he’s still the director but there’s definitely some tension, but it’s a good kind, it’s family tension.


Comic Book also has an exclusive look at the new Inhuman character Lash.

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The Flash

Here’s a new trailer that features the briefest snippet of the season’s new big villain, comic book supervillain Zoom:

The CW also accidentally released a video revealing the identity of Franz Drameh’s character, who appears in both Flash and Legends of Tomorrow—it appears that Jay Jackson is in fact a new half of Firestorm, in the place of Ronnie Raymond.


It’s still unknown what happens to Raymond (and if it means he’ll be departing the show permanently), but it does explain why he’s yet to show up in any promotional coverage for Legends of Tomorrow. Here’s a screen grab from the since-pulled video of Drameh standing alongside Gustin as Barry Allen, via Comic Book:

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Here’s a new poster for the second season.

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Here’s a new “Aim Higher” TV spot:

And a low-quality snippet of a wider teaser for the season, where producer Wendy Mericle teases what’s to come on the show.

Agent Carter

Hayley Atwell and James D’Arcy hang out in a sweet ride in a new behind-the-scenes picture from the show.


American Horror Story: Hotel

Lady Gaga takes centre stage in this creepy new poster for the series:

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[Comic Book]

The Vampire Diaries/The Originals

Finally, here’s a dual poster for the two series. [Spoiler TV]

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Additional reporting by Gordon Jackson and Charlie Jane Anders. Top image: The Flash.


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