The ship-to-ship space jump in Star Trek Into Darkness is a fun sequence, with Chris Pine and Benedict Cumberbatch flying through a field of debris—and trying not to hit too much of it along the way. This making-of video shows us the CG planning and green screen filming behind the scene.

Minor spoilers below.

It's interesting to see how the actual filming fits into the development of the sequence as an intermediary step, with Kirk and Khan's journey rendered on the computer before Pine and Cumberbatch were suspended in front of the green screen. But the filming on the sound stage was key, with the actors' bodies zipping and zooming and dodging on rigs and harnesses. Here, the computer rendering allowed the filmmakers to plan which lenses to use, how the actors would react, and how to position them, minimizing the need for CG outside of creating the background and debris. And when the two come flying into the Vengeance, they are actually sliding along wires inside the Vengeance stage.


It's neat to see that, along with the CG, J.J. Abrams, Roger Guyett, Ron Ames, and the rest of the crew, utilized practical effects when filming the scene.

Making of Star Trek Into Darkness by itsartmag

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