How should Christians feel about Transhumanism?

Christianity teaches that the saved will live together, and many Christians believe in the Rapture, when the chosen few will be lifted up, leaving just their clothes behind. So how should Christians feel about ideas like Transhumanism and the Singularity, which involve another way to transcend your physical form and possibly live forever? These are questions with no easy answers — which is why it's so fascinating to listen to the IEET's podcast on the topic with theologian Brent Waters, author of This Mortal Flesh: Incarnation and Bioethics and From Human to Posthuman: Christian Theology and Technology in a Postmodern World. Warning: Deep philosophical topics ahead.

(And am I the only one who didn't know there was a growing Mormon Transhumanist movement?)

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Josh Young

I'm going to have to listen to this later tonight when I have more time, but, as a Christian, I have mixed feelings about it. On one hand, I feel there's a "You shall be as God" sort of strain of hubris to it; on the other, I have zero problem with life extension techs.

My biggest problem with transhumanism actually just comes from some body horror issues :p

But regardless, my position on the "living forever" thing is that the universe will likely end at some point in some manner: Rip, Crunch, freeze, whatever. I doubt we'll survive that, and eternity will still be around afterwards.

Alright, guys. A Christian emerges. Flame on :p