How Shiny Will Scarlett Johansson's Black Widow Costume Be?

Morning SpoilersIf there’s news about upcoming movies and television you’re not supposed to know, you’ll find it in here.

Scarlett Johansson talks her Iron Man 2 costume, and the Star Trek soundtrack reveals some "nailin'." There are new Dollhouse finale details and Doctor Who set reports. Plus Caprica, Lost, Fringe, Eureka and Supernatural. Spoilers!

Iron Man 2:

Scarlett Johansson talks about her exercise/diet routine to get in "superhero shape" and mentions needing to fit into a "latex catsuit." So apparently the Black Widow will still keep her traditional garb in the new movie. [Huffington Post, thanks John!]


Star Trek:

The new movie's soundtrack gives some hints to the storyline's progression. (And since Kirk's parents die on the Kelvin, am I the only one who thinks "Nailin' The Kelvin" is in slightly poor taste as a track name?)

1. Star Trek (1:03)
2. Nailin' the Kelvin (2:09)
3. Labor of Love (2:51)
4. Hella Bar Talk (1:55)
5. Enterprising Young Men (2:39)
6. Nero Sighted (3:23)
7. Nice to Meld You (3:13)
8. Run and Shoot Offense (2:04)
9. Does It Still McFly? (2:03)
10. Nero Death Experience (5:38)
11. Nero Fiddles, Narada Burns (2:34)
12. Back From Black (:59)
13. That New Car Smell (4:46)
14. To Boldly Go (:26)
15. End Credits (9:11)

[Sci Fi Wire]


So the never-to-be-aired post-apocalyptic season finale, "Epitaph One," which is attaining mythic status, actually takes place thirty years in the future. And it does not include any main characters. (Not even Echo?) [E! Online]


Doctor Who:

More filming reports. There was a scene set in a bank, the London Credit Bank, with the Doctor and Wilf present, along with Wilf's Sparrow Lane old-age pensioners holiday bus. And then Donna filmed a scene where she was out with the handsome Karl Collins, and a traffic warden tried to ticket her car. She shouted "Don't you touch that car!" [Planet Gallifrey and Doctor Who Forum]


Also, there's an unconfirmed report that the Torchwood crew (John Barrowman, Eve Myles and Gareth David-Lloyd) were also seen filming scenes for the finale. [Dark Horizons]


The pilot (soon to be out on DVD) doesn't include any BSG references, other than the Adama family themselves. But Syfy is hoping the ongoing show will throw in some nods to Battlestar. [E! Online]



Juliet is toast - at least if you believe the oddmakers at, who gave even money that she'll be the next character to be killed off, way ahead of Kate, Miles, Daniel and Jack. [Doc Arzt]


This week's episode is not Hurley-centric, but Hurley does get some kick-ass lines in it. And he gets to interact, soon, with some characters we haven't seen him meet before. [DutchLost via SpoilersLost]

Daniel and Mrs. Hawking will both be back for "The Variable," the show's 100th episode (airing April 29) in which Daniel finally reveals everything he knows about the island. Also back: Charles and Penny Widmore, and young Charlie Hume. The "variable" of the episode's title will tie back to that blast door we saw in the second season, with the weird notations about geological composition, the primary nexus of Cerberus activity, and the Valenzetti equation. [E! Online]



Here are some new promo pics from episode 18, "Midnight." (This is the one about the spinal-cord-stealing killer with possible ties to the Z.F.T. bioterrorist cell.) [Fringe Television]



Actor Salli Richardson-Whitfield teases this year's arc for her pregnant character, Allison:

This year our relationship gets a little weird because we have to deal with the fact that I'm pregnant, and [Sheriff Carter] has a new love interest who is a friend of mine. I have to deal with that. I can't get too mad-I am pregnant with someone else's child-but it bugs me, dammit! I don't care. I don't like it! I don't want to say too much about Joe's character, but he has some interesting things to deal with with his old love Kim.


[E! Online]


So EW's Michael Ausiello ran one of his wacky clues recently, where he replaced some of the letters in a sentence with asterisks. And fans believe that sentence actually reads "Sam learns in the season finale that murdering Lilith is the final seal that has to be broken before Lucifer can rise." If so, then maybe Sam is determined to kill Lilith anyway, and Dean has to stop him? [BookWrm17]


Meanwhile, E! Online refused to say the big Supernatural death was not Bobby. All they would say is that it's sad and not entirely unpredictable. [E! Online]


As you might have gleaned, there are two weddings in the season finale. (Big Mike?) Ellie and Awesome get married in a small church in Hollywood, with ice sculptures and a cake. And Ellie discovers Chuck's secret when Fulcrum goons crash the wedding, led by Chevy Chase. [SpoilerTV]



Guest stars in the season finale will include Impulse (Kyle Gallner) alongside Alaina Huffman as Black Canary. [Kryptonsite]


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