How Sad Is Dualla?

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Sure, you may have been upset by what happened to Battlestar Galactica's Dualla on Friday's episode, but how do you think the actress who played her felt? A heartbreaking interview reveals all. Spoiler warning...

SciFi Wire talked to Kandyse McClure, the actress who'd played the character since the show's first episode about how she felt about the character's suicide. Maybe I'm just a softy, but her answers suggested someone very upset about the whole experience:

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Ummmm, how do I be politically correct about this? They didn't quite ... I got a first inkling when there were contract renegotiations, and there were only 13 [episodes] on the table. So I got kind of a clue then, because I was sure there'd be more than 13 episodes in the last season. And even then it was a bit vague. [Later,] I read the script in the hair and makeup trailer, and then very soon afterward I got a call from [executive producer] Ron Moore. He said lovely things. "This is the final season, and we're bringing a lot of storylines to their close," and this was part of a bigger plan they had for where the storyline was going. They said they'd enjoyed my work and it had nothing to do with that... It makes me sad, still, that I wouldn't be there for the final episodes, that I wouldn't get to complete the journey with everyone that I'd started it with. I ended up missing the wrap party as well, which was kind of the last nail in the coffin for me. But it was a really great ride, and I'm still in contact with all these people. We're still very much connected, and I believe we will be for years to come. So that's certainly a long-lasting blessing of being on the show. But it was hard that she wouldn't be there to say goodbye, and that I wouldn't be there to say goodbye.


Ronald D. Moore, now I really think you're a bit of a bastard for killing Dualla off.

Dualla speaks about last night's Battlestar episode [Scifi Wire]

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The impact of Dualla's death was quickly nullified upon watching what is perhaps the worst commercial placement ever: