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How Pacific Rim's kaiju parasites came to animatronic life

Pacific Rim's "Rollie Pollies" are the bug-like parasites that hang out on kaiju bodies. Visual effects house Spectral Motion posted a video showing how these critters went from concept art to scuttling in the builders' hands.


[via Comic Book Movie]

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That's another thing I loved about Pacific Rim. They introduced a number of concepts, like these bugs, that had no bearing on the plot. It made the world seem a lot richer and more detailed, and made the plot itself feel less contrived. When every last detail in a movie becomes important to the ending, you get the sense that the world isn't any bigger than this one story. Like in Avatar, where the only animals that showed up for the final battle were ones we'd already seen, etc.

Pacific Rim, on the other hand, threw out a lot of details and even potential plot holes (Gipsy Danger is analog? Like, the drift stores their memories on vinyl?) and then didn't end up leaning on them. I thought it was really refreshing.