How Overboard Will Mad Max 4's Car Stunts Go?

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George Miller talks Mad Max 4's vehicles, and it sounds like he's putting the "mad" back in the series. There's a crazy Avatar 2 rumor. Plus Sarah Jane, 2012, Lost, New Moon, V, True Blood, Smallville and Chuck spoilers.


Mad Max: Fury Road:

Director George Miller says the film's many vehicles are so intricate that it could take a year just to build all of them. The vehicles will be over-the-top but also need to be safe — because it sounds like there will be a lot of live action stunts. The film will be "shot at speed" and there will be "a huge number of stunts." [The Hollywood Reporter via MTV]



Rumor has it that if James Cameron gets to do Avatar 2, the sequel won't be set on the planet Pandora at all. The second movie will be totally different from the first, like Terminator 2 was to the original Terminator. Pandora "is not the be all and end all of the Consortium." (The source also claims that Cameron will produce the Alien prequel that Ridley Scott is directing, and it'll be in 3-D.) Remember, this is a rumor, and you should give it the same level of credence you give everything else you read on the Internet. [MarketSaw]

And here are a couple of new stills showcasing some blue archery action. [Movies-Spoilers]


A few new (I think) TV spots for this demolition derby:


Twilight: New Moon:

Here's a colorful new TV spot:



Hurley was filming a scene at a new camp, which looks awfully ramshackle, and there was at least one Dharma logo amongst all the detritus. And Jack was also around, wearing a red sweater with "a red spot on his forehead." And judging from the signs on the trailers, Claire was also in the scene at some point. And there was talk of fires and explosions happening on the set later. [Lost-Spoiler-Over via SpoilersLost]


Also, Titus Welliver, who played the mysterious Man In Black in the season finale, says he's coming back to film some more episodes soon — meaning maybe the MIB will abandon his Locke suit, or maybe we'll see more of him in a flashback? [Boston Herald via Doc Arzt]

Chalk up another castaway who's returning to the island: Maggie Grace will return to film some new scenes as Shannon, after a delay caused by some other film projects she was doing. (Meaning, I think, that her scenes could be slotted into the early episodes of the season, already filmed.) [TV Guide Magazine]


Sarah Jane Adventures:

Here it is — the big one, coming in a couple days. I'm only sad that it's not being saved for the end of the season, because that means we know how it ends — Sarah Jane is almost certainly not getting married. But in any case, here's a new trailer, with the TARDIS materialization sound taking the place of "Here Comes The Bride," plus a new interview with the groom, Nigel Havers:



Here's another new promo spot for this remake, showcasing some nifty camera work. It's encouraging that ABC is putting so much promotion into this series. Fingers crossed!


True Blood:

Alan Ball gave a huge interview to the Advocate, full of season three hints. Among other things: We will be seeing a lot more of Ryan Kwanten (physically) in the first few episodes of the season after his relatively modest stint at church camp. If you've read the books, certain developments will not surprise you. Sophie-Anne, the Vampire Queen, is fascinated with Sookie but it may or may not turn sexual. The vampire king of Mississippi has a long-term — and that means very, very long-term — companion. [The Advocate]



Hannah, Chuck's new love interest, is sort of a female version of Chuck, who meets Chuck on a plane and then winds up working at the Buy More after she's lost her job. She's directionless and drifting, like Chuck was before he became the Intersect. And Shaw, Sarah's new love interest, is the new team leader at Team Bartowski and an expert on the Ring. He's a mentor to Chuck and (we think, anyway) a good guy. [ChuckTV]



Here's the official synopsis for Nov. 13's Twin-tastic episode, "Idol":

DC COMICS THE WONDER TWINS SHOW UP TO HELP CLARK CLEAN UP METROPOLIS Superhero twins Zan (guest star David Gallagher) and Jayna (guest star Allison Scagliotti) show up in Metropolis to help The Blur fight crime but end up botching several rescues, landing Clark (Tom Welling) in hot water with the District Attorney's office. Clark decides to come forward as the Blur to clear his name.



The "Society" two-parter featuring the Justice Society also will feature the return of Phil Morris as the Martian Manhunter. [EW]


Additional reporting by Josh C. Snyder.

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Can we please start getting these in order of importance/quality? I cringe to not only see Avatar as the first spoiler, but to have 2012 follow it in the second spot. I'd much rather read about lost, Chuck, and almost any other spoiler, even if they are smaller spoils. #avatar