How Orphan Black Filmed That Big Multi-Clone Scene From The Finale

The Orphan Black second season finale gave us one big scene featuring multiple clones. It looked impressive on the screen, but how did it look during filming? Just don't watch if you haven't seen the finale.


The visual effects company Intelligent Creatures brought us the Orphan Black Clone Club Dance Party, and it looks like Tatiana Maslany and Jordan Gavaris are having a grand time. Maslany has said that has been a key element in helping her differentiate between the clones, so this isn't just a Clone Club celebration; it's also a peek into Maslany's acting process.

[via Orphan Black on Tumblr]

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I liked the scene fine, but none of the clones were actually interacting, and Helena's hair in particular looked horribly green-screened in some shots.

I still much prefer the scene from last season where they do things like pass a wine glass around, and last night's later scene with Cosima and Sarah in bed holding hands was technically impressive without trying to show off.