Hey everybody, Once Upon A Time is back (somewhat). Somehow, last night's episode managed to free itself from the deathly cold grip of Frozen and kick us right in the feels—if only for a second, but hell, we'll take it.

The best thing about the last episode of Once Upon A Time is that it felt like someone hit the "FAST FORWARD ALREADY" button. And zoom, zip, zoop, we whizzed by the "Where's Anna?" plotline that has been clanging along for weeks upon weeks. In one steady blow, we cleared up an entire season's worth of plodding backstory and needless magical brouhaha.

Over in Arendelle, the Snow Queen's spell is broken and everyone wakes up. Almost immediately, Anna goes looking for a "wishing star." Because enough is enough, and this shit needs to be over already. They run into a pirate who informs them of the
"wishing star's" arbitrary rules and then WHAMMO, they're locked in a trunk.


But not before Prince Hans tells Anna and Kristoff that they've all been frozen for 30 years. This is very helpful information and quite convenient, because Elsa was trapped in an urn for 30 years. So thank goodness for gigantic magical favors.

Turns out, Anna's necklace is the "wishing star" and Elsa wishes them both to Storybrooke and right into the path of the Snow Queen's curse. Sidenote: why is cursing the whole town supposed to convince Elsa and Emma to be the Snow Queen's new sisters? Seems like this is a fairly large leap in logic, but whatever.


Basically, everyone tries to stop the curse, and they fail. This sets up the very best part of the entire Frozen season. Aware that this curse will turn everyone into the worst version of themselves, each cast member locks themselves away, including Snow White and Charming. Snow rescues this whole season in a tear-filled delivery of her infant son to Emma, who is immune to the curse. It was absolutely heartbreaking to watch, but so great when a crying Snow tells her daughter that she's special and that her magic will save them all. Snow and Charming have faith in their daughter, but they are afraid for their tiny son. In a world that is devoid of all logic, this is a very logical decision. The curse prep trickles down to other townsfolk as well, and it's more of the same but all uniquely sad.

Then there's Regina. It was great to watch Regina deliver the good lines and the good acting this go-round. Warning Robin Hood that he should be very afraid of her almost gave me a bit of chills. While we've seen this town get cursed 82 times so far, this particular purple smog of destruction had a bit of malice to it in that it wasn't going to take anyone away from this land, but rather keep them there to destroy the lives they built.

Watching the Snow White cry for her family and Regina kiss Robin Hood goodbye, more worried that she may return to murder him more than anything else, was good watchin'. And it reminded me that the best part of this show are the characters we've spent the last few years getting to know. So more of that, please?


Oh, and Hook killed a bunch of fairies. So he's got that to admit to at some point as well.