One of 2014's most highly anticipated new TV shows is experiencing a truck-load of problems. J.J. Abrams and Alfonso Cuarón's Believe just dumped its showrunrer and went on a production hiatus. That makes two showrunner exits on this series. What is going on?

Deadline is reporting that that Executive Producer Dave Erickson is out as showrunner. It's not clear whether he was let go, or left the series on his own. Co-executive producer Jonas Pate will be taking over his role. Pate directed the second episode of this series, and Cuarón directed the pilot. The show's set-up is simple: a little girl with superpowers is hidden by the main character so her strengths don't fall into the wrong hands. However, it's Cuarón and Abrams, so things are much more than they seem.


And now the series is taking an early holiday break to accommodate the changeover in leadership. Fingers crossed these changes only mean good news for the series, because we were really counting on this series being something good in 2014. Here's the promo, in case you missed it: