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It may often feel like you're running on a little less sleep than you should. But is how much sleep you're getting (or not getting) a function of where you live? Here are the cities that sleep the most and the least.


Jawbone, which makes the Up fitness tracker device, crunched the data from their users from around the world to see how much sleep they were really getting. And it turns out that everyone is a little sleep-deprived, though there's a lot of variation between the individual cities.

Above, you can see the sleep schedule for Orlando over a year. The city that comes closest to the coveted 8-hour mark? Melbourne, who clocks in with a comparatively luxurious 6 hours and 58 minutes. Compare that with the city with the least sleep, Tokyo, at 5 hours and 44 minutes.

Here are the cities they found with the most extreme sleep patterns (all times are local):

Least Sleep: Tokyo, Japan – 5hr 44min

Most Sleep: Melbourne, Australia – 6hr 58min

Earliest to Bed: Brisbane, Australia – 10:57pm

Latest to Bed: Moscow, Russia – 12:46am

Earliest to Rise: Brisbane, Australia – 6:29am

Latest to Rise: Moscow, Russia – 8:08am

Also fascinating is seeing where daytime naps figure into the equation, which you can see on this chart comparing an average day across seven cities. Naps (though not for the whole population) are part of the schedule for both Beijing and Madrid. And, while no city had more than 95% of its population asleep at one time, some cities seem to have a wider group of people on the nightshift, for instance Dubai, where at least 10% of the population is awake at any given time.

Illustration for article titled How Much Sleep Does Your City Get?

How does your sleep schedule match up with your city's schedule? Tell us in the comments about how much rest you're getting, what the typical sleep schedule is like where you are, and whether it's enough.


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