In light of President Obama's decision to authorize air strikes in Iraq, a think tank has just released an interactive map to track the movements of the Sunni jihadist group, the Islamic State (IS)— formerly known as ISIS and ISIL—with updates on how much territory it controls in the fractured country.

Illustration for article titled How Much of Iraq Does ISIS Actually Control?

According to the New America Foundation's International Security Program:

Although the group began taking control of cities, towns, military outposts, and oil wells and dams across Iraq earlier this year, the humanitarian crisis has worsened in recent weeks — even the Kurdish militias who were withstanding offensives by the militants before gave up substantial ground. Since the situation on the ground is so dynamic and reports are often unclear or even contradictory, this map is meant to be an up-to-date account of which group controls what territory. Each point on the map is scaled according to the square mileage of the city and a sliding bar lets you see the progression of ISIS — and the conflict — over time as they move across the country.


You can use the interactive version of the map at the website of New America's International Security Program.

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