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How Much Of Guillermo del Toro's Strain Is Just Borrowing From Blade 2?

Illustration for article titled How Much Of Guillermo del Toros Strain Is Just Borrowing From Blade 2?

With two new book trailers out for Guillermo del Toro's vampire trilogy with Chuck Hogan, The Strain, it's hard not to start seeing the similarities between GDT's new vampires and those from his past. See the Revenants video, and let the Reaper comparisons begin.


On the left, you see a picture of a Revenant (there is also video of them in action in the jail scene clip below) and on the right is a Reaper from the GDT directed Blade 2. They both look pretty similar, minus the "stinger" from the new vamps. Funny enough, I'm completely OK with the similarities. First off, because Blade 2 was actually a refreshing and interesting look at the vampire world (how could you not love the snap open jaws?) and second, I'm a believer in GDT's work. He's a trustworthy director, so I have no doubt that even if the Revenants are similar to the Reapers, they're still going to be a bad ass infection of bloodsuckers that make you scared of things that go bump in the night.



Jail Scene:

Check out the The Strain's website for more details and listen to a chapter being read by Hellboy Ron Perlman himself (which is surprisingly coherent).

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Er, is this just for a book or an actual movie?