How MEG 9 Got William Gibson Involved In Gaming

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MEG 9 is the forthcoming video video game from developer Skunkwerks Kinetic and William Gibson. Yes, the William Gibson who wrote Neuromancer, so it should be no surprise that it oozes classic scifi elements.


Paste has a feature on MEG 9: Lost Echoes, a game that presented a pre-alpha walkthrough at this year’s PAX. The trailer looks good, but there is a while to go before we know for sure. About a year, in fact, since MEG 9 is looking at a late 2016 release.

Paste’s article zeroes in on the part the of the game that’s most interesting right now: the part where it’s labeled as being “developed in collaboration with science-fiction author William Gibson.” Paste asked how the developer was able to lure Gibson into the video game fold. According to Skunkwerks’ Craig Martin:

We’ve known Bill for years. We live in the same neighborhood. Bill has always been good at trying new creative outlets. He’s been heavily involved in crafting our world and the characters within. He’s provided the backstory for the game and continues to help us.


MEG 9 casts the player as the operator of an armored vehicle sent to a barren planet to find out why the AI which runs a secret research station has sent a distress call. Once there, the player meets the “corrupted,” technology, which has evolved into horrifying creatures who like surviving and attacking.

So when Martin says Gibson provided the backstory, we can only hope he means, what happened with the AI and the “corrupted.” It does seem to hit on a lot of Gibson’s usual themes, huh? If the AI turns out to have gone rogue, it’ll feel exactly like him.


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Sorely Vexed

So many of the wonderfully original ideas Gibson used in Neuromancer etc. have since become the hackneyed cliches of a million inferior stories.

I’m hopeful this will be a fresh take on the “rogue AI” formula, but I’m worried that we’ll get a reheated Wintermute meets Doom story.