How Mars Needs Moms killed the Yellow Submarine remake

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While we're sad that Disney's Mars Needs Moms was box office poison, we can't help but thank this picture for killing Robert Zemeckis' misguided Yellow Submarine remake. One thing is certain: mo-cap films will never be the same again.


We may have sorta liked Mars Needs Moms, but sadly, the rest of the world felt different. Normally a poor performance at the box office would only spell disaster for those attached to the poorly performing film. But Mars Needs Moms not only killed the Beatles movie from its producer, Zemeckis, it also may have killed any more more mo-cap films over at Disney, and dampened enthusiasm for 3-D computer animation aimed at kids. The mouse house spent around $175 million on Moms, and the picture only sold about $6.9 million in tickets in America. Combine the performance with the fact that Disney stopped supporting Zemeckis' mo-cap studio ImageMovers Digital after the suits viewed footage from Moms, and this may be the last we ever see of mo-cap from Disney. And while we're happy that the Beatles' CG bodies won't be marred by the Uncanny Valley, that doesn't mean motion-capture film-making is gone forever.

James Cameron's Avatar proved that mo-cap films could turn a profit, plus Steven Spielberg's motion-captured Tintin is just around the corner. Zemeckis could ride the coattails of these films and try and get Yellow Submarine produced at a different company, but we're not sure if folks trust Zemeckis with something as big as the Beatles' legacy (even though he's proven himself with Back To The Future and Forrest Gump).

All in all, we're glad everyone is rethinking this project. Reanimating dead rock stars for profit, even as cartoony versions of themselves, is something that shouldn't be rushed into.

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Hooray. (Haven't seen "Mars..." yet, but everything that "kills a remake" (of YELLOW SUBMARINE, even more!) deserves praise!

Somewhere, two Beatles stop rolling over in their graves and two more stop considering drastic measures, I'm sure.....