Those who answered "just one" may be confused by this teaser image for next year's issues of Marvel's Amazing Spider-Man. There're two of them standing right beside each other, for one thing. Click through to see the whole thing.


The image, sent out by Marvel with only the words "The Year of Spider-Man is 2010," seems to contain at least three different Spider-Man, as well as Arana (AKA Spider-Girl, not to be confused with this Spider-Girl) and the oracular Madame Web. The return of infamous "Spider-Clone" Ben Reilly has been teased for some point during next year's thrice-monthly Spider-series, and Avengers: The Initiative has already featured people not called Peter Parker in the red-and-gold "Iron Spider" costume, so is this a bait and switch or are we going to see multiple Parkers spinning webs at some point in the twelve months to come?