There many, many contenders for "most camptastic vampire movie of all time," and many of them hail from the late 1960s and 1970s, when vampsploitation was huge. One of our particular favorites is Vampire Playmates, aka The Devil's Nightmare, aka Succubus.

Just check out the above sequence, in which the evil vampire lady kills by: 1) Decapitating a guy with a guillotine; 2) Causing a woman to stumble into an Iron Maiden, possibly via telekinesis; 3) Chasing a guy around hallways over and over again, advancing on him menacingly, only to toss him out a window; 4) Putting a snake in a woman's bed.


She finally stumbles when she tries to seduce a Catholic priest by removing one bra strap and lighting a cigarette in the most ridiculous way possible, but he resists and runs outside to be face her demonic master. Oh, and the theology in this movie is pretty intense — she seems very intent on killing people only when they're in a state of "mortal sin," so their souls belong to her master.

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