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How many people born in the 1800s are still alive?

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Supercentenarian Grace Jones has passed away at the age of 113. She will go down in history as the last Briton born in the 19th century to die. Which got us thinking: How many people born in the 1800s are still kicking around? The answer is shockingly few.


There's just five left, people. Five. As of today, November 15, 2013, here are the people born in the 1800s who are still alive:

  1. Japan: Misao Okawa, born March 1898; age 115 years, 255 days
  2. United States: Jeralean Talley, born May 23, 1899; age 113 years, 172 days
  3. United States: Susannah Mushatt Jones, born July 6, 1899; age 114 years, 132 days
  4. United States: Bernice Madigan, born 24 July, 1899; age 114 years, 114 days
  5. Italy: Emma Morana-Martinuzzi, born November 29, 1899; age 113 years, 351 days

And that's it. Wow.

Recently, the oldest man to have ever lived passed away; Japan's Jiroemon Kimura died at the age of 116 years and 54 days. Guinness World Records recognizes him as the oldest man in recorded history. The oldest woman to have ever lived was France's Jeanne Calment, who lived to be 122 years and 164 days.


[ Source: List of living supercentenarians ]

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