How Many Awards Does A Book Have To Win Before It Gets A Book Deal?

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Congrats to Ian R. MacLeod and Cory Doctorow for sharing this year's Campbell Award, for Song Of Time and Little Brother respectively. But is it really true that U.S. publishers have been balking at publishing MacLeod's book?


That's the thing that jumped out at me in this article in The Kansan newspaper. Both Doctorow and MacLeod are chuffed to be receiving the Campbell, one of the few juried awards for science fiction novels. (MacLeod also won the Clarke Award, another juried award.) But then MacLeod tells the newspaper that Song Of Time "is being reconsidered for U.S. publication" in the wake of the award. That's somewhat startling, since it already won the Clarke Award and is being touted as a literary gem. Just how many awards does a book have to receive before a U.S. pubilsher picks it up?

Congrats also to James Alan Gardner, who won the Theodore Sturgeon Award for his short story"Ray-Gun: A Love Story." [The Kansan]

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We as sci-fi fans love to bitch and moan that things like this don't get published, when 'crap' like Twilight does, but who, really is at fault? How many of us would actually go out and buy the winner of the Clark Award? Clearly not that many the publishers think (probably correctly) - we may all sneer at the 'tweenies' and their Twilight, but at least they buy the damn books!! Still, I assume Song of Time has been published in the UK? I'm going back home in a few weeks, so thanks to io9, I shall be searching out a copy whilst there!