How Many Armors Does Tony Stark Have?

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We know Tony Stark's working on some new armors in Iron Man 2, but will any of them be as outlandish as the outer space armor, arctic armor or giant "Dynamo-Buster" armor, in this concept art for his animated series?


Marvel just released some concept art from Iron Man: Armored Adventures, which airs Fridays at 7 on NickToons. The above armor is the "Dynamo-Buster" armor, taking a different form than in the actual series. (But no "Thor-Buster" armor?) Check out a few more images.

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He has thousands of pairs, and I for one was always upset when they would sometimes show them in the background in his workspace or at home and then you'd never see them in another issue. And one of those issues featured a huge circular vault with hundreds of pairs and then nothing...ever...