Now that Klaus has managed to unleash the evil version of Stefan on The Vampire Diaries, is he going to wind up regretting it? Can he handle the full power of Evil Stefan?


We caught up with Klaus actor Joseph Morgan during San Diego Comic Con, and asked him. We also heard from producer Julie Plec about where the show's mythology is headed next. Minor spoilers ahead!

So we asked Joseph Morgan how long it would take before Klaus becomes Stefan's bitch. And after he'd finished laughing, here's what he told us:

Before Stefan makes Klaus his bitch? I don't think that's going to happen. Do you? How would that happen? Here's a guy who's indestructible. There's nothing on Earth that will kill him. I don't know. I think it will take a long time. But who knows? I don't write the show. Maybe it will happen in the next episode, and suddenly I'll be wearing some sort of gimp mask.


He also told us what it means that this season is the "season of the Originals."

I'm hoping we get to meet some more family members, other siblings, my parents I hope. And obviously I hope somebody pulls the dagger out of Daniel Gillies and he gets to come back as well. I'm looking forward to learning a little more about our backstory, and when the curse was put in place, and all that stuff.

And Morgan said that Klaus is vengeful, and the moment Elijah turned against him, sided with other people, and tried to kill him, Elijah's fate was sealed. And Klaus is not an honorable character and his word means nothing. "Klaus wants to be the most feared person in the world." But Klaus probably knows he'll see Elijah again, because all it takes is for someone to pull out the dagger from Elijah — and he might wind up pulling the dagger out himself. Meanwhile, there's nobody left for Klaus to take revenge on, so he's busy following up his own master plan.

And Klaus has destroyed his own birth family, and he wants to build a new family of hybrids like himself. "It's like someone who has had an absent parent, and so they spend their life trying to fill that gap with someone else, with a series of kind of abusive relationships. It's kind of like that for Klaus. He was never really accepted by his father, because his father never really was his father — his mother had an affair with someone from a werewolf bloodline. And he was always kind of hated by his father and not accepted by his siblings. And so there's a lot of resentment there, so he's acting out."

Meanwhile, producer Julie Plec says that Elena hasn't forgiven Damon for breaking Jeremy's neck — and it's not as if Elena will be "dating" Damon per se. The two of them have some strange and powerful chemistry together, and the show will definitely be exploring that. Meanwhile, now that Stefan is off being sort of evil, Damon is left behind protecting Mystic Falls and being sort of the hero — and Damon is going to feel like this is "a bunch of bullshit." He will be an "exasperated hero." There is some role reversal among the Salvatore brothers — but they're not swapping personalities at all.


Plec also says:

I'm looking forward to seeing Klaus and Stefan's relationship have an evolution that's not just, "I'm evil and you're my minion." I think we can have some more fun with that. I'm hoping that the audience connects to Klaus and Stefan as an unlikely duo.


Meanwhile, we asked Plec if we're going to see the show peeling back another layer of its mythology, the way it did in season two by introducing the Originals and the curse and everything. And Plec said yes and no:

Our mythology is coming a little bit full circle, in that we are going to dig deep into the history of the Originals themselves, and see how they ultimately weirdly have connections to Mystic Falls that we didn't know about. What we do not want to do... what we've made a concerted effort to try to do is to keep the show centered on a psychological horror level and not have to constantly make it bigger, bigger, bigger. We said at the beginning of last season, "It's not like we're going to have rings of fire or anything." And then lo and behold, there we were, with rings of fire. Which turned out great. But when we started the season, we didn't think we would get that big by the end of it. And we don't want to use that as our jumping-off point, the scope and size of you know, blood sacrifices and witches, we want to pare it back down in the beginning at least to a good suspenseful, character-driven core. And hopefully that will work.


The Vampire Diaries returns tonight at 8 on The CW.

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