How Long Before The Censors Ruin Holodeck Sex Comedy?

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Click to viewGet ready for space baby dick jokes, holo-deck masturbation, and half man-half fish characters in the new Fox series Boldly Going Nowhere, appearing as a midseason replacement on Fox. One of the new scifi comedy's writers, Charlie Day, is an original creator of the already established as comedy perfection It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia, and if this show is anything like his original (and people seem to think it is) we're in for an incredibly raunchy and hilarious series.


The Futon Critic was lucky enough to read the script for an episode and says that yes, it really isIt's Always Sunny in space, full of "selfish idiots" who pretty much ruin their own lives and the lives of others in every episode. The cast is made up with a pompus Captain Ron Teague, pilot Jane Beck (who is bipolar), head of security and body-builder Cobaltand, a robot who has been programed by the captain to be a wuss (the captain is afraid of robot uprisings), and the mechanic Pete who is a Manphibian. Lt. Zander Centari is sent in to make sure the crew is up to snuff, and of course it isn't. I hope this show lasts, just so I can hear the character deliver, "I will come to your home and photon the shit out of it!" before it gets canned by censors and other people who can't take a joke. [Futon Critic]

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Would have been better if they put it on FX instead of Faux.

Faux wouldn't allow stuff like this:

Liam McPoyle: So, do you want a beverage of some sort?

Charlie: No... where's your brother, dude?

Liam McPoyle: We just stepped out of the shower. He'll be down in a minute.

Charlie: Alright, listen. You guys can't go... did you just say "we?!"

Liam McPoyle: What?

Charlie: Did you just say "We just stepped out of the shower?"

Liam McPoyle: [quietly]I said he.