How long before Marvel makes its own Daredevil movie?

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We've known since last fall that Marvel was going to be getting the movie rights to Daredevil back — last October, there were widespread reports that Marvel was willing to extend Fox's option for a Daredevil film, in exchange for getting to use Galactus in a Marvel movie. But Fox chose the Destroyer of Worlds over the Man Without Fear, and let Daredevil go.


Now, according to Deadline, the jig is up and Fox has officially let go of the rights to Matt Murdock, which means Marvel could make its own Daredevil film whenever it wants. There's still a possibility that Marvel might want to go ahead with the gritty urban take championed by Joe Carnahan (The Grey), but chances are they'll want to start over from scratch and figure out how to integrate Matt into their shared universe.


So when do you think we'll be seeing Ol' Hornhead show up in the same universe as Iron Man and Thor? 2016? Later? [Deadline]

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It will be years before a slot opens up in the Marvel films batting order, so since Hornhead's powers wouldn't be any more taxing to depict than, say, Arrow, why not bring him to television instead? The whole crime/noir/martial arts angle is a great fit for that medium, and there is a great set of supporting characters (Foggy Nelson!), and a brilliant rogues gallery to boot.

They could guest him on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. to try him out first, maybe even introducing him as Matt Murdock like someone else already suggested (brilliant!).