How L. Ron Hubbard And Jack Parsons Created California, Plus The Worlds Cleanest Zombies

This week, we've got stills from a new movie, from the brilliant mind of indie director Craig Baldwin. Mock Up On Mu is cut from actual historical footage of Jack Parsons, L. Ron Hubbard and Marjorie Cameron creating the California that we know today with mind control, secret societies and science. Also a squeaky-clean zombie movie is getting a sequel, and there's a new trailer for 20th Century Boys.Mock Up On Mu: Splicing together archival footage to tell the secret tale of California based on rocket scientists, beatniks, Scientology and other urban legends to create a pulpy and surreal look into the sci-fi underground beginning of the great state of California, director Craig Baldwin's Mock Up On Mu focuses on three characters that generated a secret history for California. First up is Jack Parsons, the inventor of solid rocket fuel and other jet advances (and, according to Baldwin, also a follower of the crazy-like-a-fox Aleister Crowley), closely followed by his partner and self-styled "mother of the New Age," beatnik artist Marjorie Cameron, and finally, L. Ron Hubbard, famed sci-fi writer and creator of Scientology. Baldwin takes actual past footage and edits past reels of these three people together to create an secret history that run the range from crazed government paranoia to straight forward scifi conspiracy theories.


20th Century Boys: Here's a new trailer for the mystery manga 20th Century Boys big screen live-action adaptation. Hero Kenji Endō and his pals have to remember bits and details from their youth in order to piece together the answer they need to stop the end of the world on New Years Eve, 2000, but as he ages, he starts to forget things little by little. Can Kenji and the rest of the fellas pull together in time?

They Came Back 2 (Les Revenants): When the dead came back to life in the French film They Came Back they weren't covered in dirt, worms and decaying right in front of you. These zombies looked just like the living and tried to enter the living world again. But unfortunately for the zombies, many of their love ones had remarried, their jobs had been filled and the government didn't really know how to deal with all the undead back from the grave. The sequel kind of confuses me as I'm not sure how much further they are willing to take it, but I can see an oppressive government setting up zombie camps and shuttling them off for manual labor. Thanks to Quiet Earth for digging up the dirt on the sequel. Trailer For Original Film They Came Back:

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