How Juan Carlos Fresnadillo will de-cheese his Highlander reboot!

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The Highlander films — particularly the second one — are some of the cheesiest movies about immortal head-chopping to ever grace the Scottish highlands. But director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo thinks he knows how to strip the franchise of all its Velveeta trappings.


While doing press for his latest project Intruders, Fresnadillo shared his plans for his upcoming immortal adventure with io9:

I'm curious about your next project, Highlander. The Highlander franchise has always been regarded as a pretty cheesy collection of films. How would you go about making something like that threatening and scary?

Juan Carlos Fresnadillo: That's why I think it's a good concept for a new approach, a fresh idea right now. I really love the idea of the movie, which is immortality as a curse. That is something I feel comfortable with, and I definitely think it's worth rebooting if it's that kind of concept.

How will you make immortality a curse?

Juan Carlos Fresnadillo: There's some kind of process, if you think you're immortal then you can't love someone. If you're in love everybody is going to disappear and you will be here alone. I have the feeling that in immortality there is a tendency to not to be attached to anyone. If you are in love with someone then you will suffer your whole existence, which is a terrible thing.



"A fresh idea right now" would be making an original movie, not adapting an existing property.

edit: Maybe I sounded too snarky… If it's done well I will be first in the queue, big Highlander fan here, but I'm just really looking forward to the end of this period where the only projects hollywood will do are remakes, reboots and sequels.