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What would it look like if other stars were as close as the sun? For starters, we may have more than one, and it may be either much bigger or smaller than our current orbital star, as shown in these videos, which explore a hypothetical universe where our sun has been replaced with other stars and our moon with planets.


These two videos are part of a sequence from Russia's federal space agency, Roscosmos. In the first video, we get a look at what our view from Earth might look like if Polaris, Sirius, or even the twin stars of Alpha Centauri replaced our sun.

Those views are given a night-time perspective in the second video, which takes on the question of what it might look like if our neighboring planets were to take the distance of our moon — a question that was previously explored more than two years ago in this fascinating sequence of space art from our own Ron Miller.


Check both of the videos out (and, for those of you who don't speak Russian, be sure to flip on the English closed captioning option in the YouTube settings first.)

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