How to give yourself arachnophobia in just six seconds

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How, you ask? By watching this absolutely terrifying Vine video of a giant ball of spiders basically exploding.

To be fair, these guys aren't actually spiders; they're Opiliones, another order of arachnids who are often confused with regular spiders. So if this video has sacre you shitless, you still technically have arachnophobia now. You're welcome!


The video was taken by a gent named Pablo, who, according to the first Spanish-to-English translator I found online, titled it "Super living public hair of Valle de Bravo."

[Via Neatorana]

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Corpore Metal

How is this more terrifying than knocking a wasp hive and seeing a cloud of angry wasps spill out? Or lifting a damp, dead tree to find a swarm of centipedes (Among the most venomous arthropods there are.) scuttling and seething underneath? Or turning over a rotting corpse and seeing a swarm of maggots burrowing through the flesh underneath?

How come spiders rate such fear and ire out of all the arthropods?