How Hemlock Grove Will Top Last Year's Psychotic Werewolf Transformation

The most memorable thing about season one of Hemlock Grove was the batshit transformation of a human into a wolf. How can this show beat that thrill this time around? By going even more crazy with the "wolf-face exploding out of human face" action. And by reversing the process.


This featurette shows Eli Roth and VFX creators MastersFX talking about how they tried to go a lot further with the VFX this time around. Including showing the human skin stretching as the wolf bursts out of it. There are a few separate transformations showcased in this one video, and they're all nuts. And a neat blend of CG and practical effects, too. But not only that — MastersFX figured out how to turn a wolf back into a man, which presents a whole other set of insane challenges.


Hemlock Grove season two is on Netflix now. [via SciFiNow]

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I tried and couldn't make it through the first episode, and I generally like demented shows, like American Horror Story and Three's Company... Plus, I more or less like the cast of Hemlock Grove but.... anyway, so does it get better and less self-conscious, or should I skip some first season episodes and give the second season a shot?