How Game Of Thrones Filmed This Week's Terrifying Supernatural Battle

We’re still reeling from the epic, book-bettering events of the latest episode of Game of Thrones. Want to see what went into the making of one of the coolest sequences on the show so far? HBO has released an awesome look behind the scenes at how they filmed “Hardhome.”


Seriously, there’s so much cool stuff packed into this video. Seeing the various stages of decaying prosthetic work for the dead, to the masses of extras being corralled into a barely organised chaos. Plus, of course, lots of fighting.

I think though, perhaps it’s a little demystifying to see the White Walkers actually turn out to be, err... the green walkers in real life, for editing out bits of actors’ bodies in post-production. They’re certainly less intimidating!



I’ll admit I’m honestly pleasantly surprised at how much practical effects they used for how quick things were flashing by and the often jerkyish movements the wights have normally.