Len Wiseman's Total Recall movie has a secret part plotted out for Ethan Hawke. If you go to the movie's IMDB page Hawke is listed, but his character has no name. Suspicious! It looks like the secret might be out of the bag. UPDATED.

Screenrant has highlighted this little gem from producers Neal Moritz and Toby Jaffe on the Total Recall set visit — read our large report here — specifically about Ethan Hawke's role:

Not to give away too much, but one of the big differences between the earlier film and this film is that not only do they erase his memory but they change the way he looks, so he has a different face. Ethan plays who he was before they wiped his mind and changed his face.


And last year, Hawke revealed to Vulture that his character not only appears in Total Recall, but he has a five-page monologue to deliver. So needless to say, this a pretty important fellow. Can the "Rekall" process now change your face? Or at least the memory of how you look? Curious and curiouser.

UPDATED: Sources tell io9 that Ethan Hawke is no longer in Total Recall, so the above quotes will most likely have little effect on the film.