How Dungeons And Dragons Shaped Some Of Your Favorite Authors

Illustration for article titled How iDungeons And Dragons/i Shaped Some Of Your Favorite Authors

Junot Diaz was a Dungeon Master when he was young, and he now says that RPGs were “a sort of storytelling apprenticeship.” He “learned a lot of important essentials about storytelling, about giving the reader enough room to play.” China Miéville says a childhood playing RPGs gave him a “mania for cataloguing the fantastic.” Over at the Guardian, Damien Walter has a great look at how RPGs have shaped some of our greatest writers — and why RPG manuals should be considered great books in their own right.


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Scott The Robot

Not an author per se, but Mr. Tough Guy Movie Star Vin Diesel wrote a forward to tribute book about the first 30 years of D&D.