How Does the Sequel to That Horrible Ouija Board Movie Look So Damn Scary?

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I’m speechless. When I heard Universal was making a sequel to the surprise 2014 hit Ouija, I had literally no interest. The first movie was bad so, obviously, a sequel would be even worse, right? Well, Ouija: Origin of Evil may still end up crappy, but at the very least this trailer for it is all kinds of messed up.


Directed by Mike Flanagan, Ouija: Origin of Evil is actually a prequel to the first movie. It’s a period piece set in 1964 about a mother (Twilight’s Elizabeth Reaser) and her daughters who run a phony séance business. Then they get a new prop for the show: a Ouija board. Check out this insane trailer.

Bonus points for Henry Thomas, star of E.T. The Extra Terrestrial as the priest!

Seriously though, that’s just a great trailer. It sucks you in with the scam angle, and then just slowly gets weirder once the little girl begins to be possessed. Turning the slingshot against the boy? Deadpanning “Do you know what it feels like to be strangled to death?” That gooey, black demon? Just great stuff.

It would be a herculean task if this sequel lived up to this trailer. We’ll find out on October 21.

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Never understood why people are so scared of ouija boards. Without one I wouldn’t be able to tell the ten year old boy I’m haunting what I want him to type on the internet.

It’s super convenient.