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How do you put a scale model of the TARDIS on top of a building? CalTech pranksters reveal all!

After successfully putting a scale model TARDIS (with lights!) on top of a building at MIT, the CalTech pranksters behind the caper took their show on the road. In this video, they reveal how they set up the giant structure on top of a UC Berkeley building (it's hard to tell for sure, but I think it's LeConte Hall or maybe Birge?). I hope this encourages more geek pranks at my beloved alma mater.


Thanks for the tip, Stephen Cheifitz!

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I feel sorry for the maintenance team that is called up there to fix this issue. They just want to get their 40 hours in and not worry with blue boxes and roof top hi-jinks. Ultimately it's going to be thrown away/destroyed. Kind of waste of time really. But hey... Maybe this is all over my head as I only have one of those blue collar state bachelor degrees.