How do you deal with your anti-science family during the holidays?

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For the next few weeks it will be holiday season, and lots of us will be visiting with family. There will be good times, but a lot of us will have awkward moments with families who distrust or reject science. How do you deal with it when that happens?


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There are a lot of ways that the science debate can come up during the holidays. Obviously, there is the religious aspect of the conflict. But there are other sides to it, too. In my family, there was often a lot of hippie talk about how alternative medicine was better than evil Big Pharma. Let's just say that I wasn't always graceful or rational in my attempts to explain that science has done a lot of good in the world, even if there are some evil greedy corporations out there. Does anybody have some good advice, or just good stories, about dealing with the inevitable holiday science conflict?


Yes, yes – I know that many of you have wonderful families who embrace science. So help the rest of us out, okay?

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Don't fucking talk about stuff to your family that you know will cause strife.

Problem solved.