How Defiance Season 2 Plans to Get Its Multimedia Right

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Defiance wasn't just a hit Syfy TV series last year, it was also a reasonably popular MMORPG. The show and the game's events were supposed to constantly crossover each other, but only a few characters and plot devices ever made it through. But all that changes in Defiance season 2.


In a Syfy conference call, Defiance executive producer Kevin Murphy admitted that scheduling differences for the show's production and the game's production kept the two stories more separate than they intended in the first season. But Murphy has a plan for season 2:

So what we did this year is every - the second page of every script after the title page has a list of proposed crossovers that were generated in a big meeting that we had with Trion and the writers.

And then when we actually got the scripts written and we go through our process, we put which - and it's like a Chinese menu of ten options that Trion can access. And they can use it or not use it if they wish to.

And then as they go on the process of figuring out what they're going to be doing in the game and what their crossovers are, they decide okay, we like number two and we like number four. Those are the ones that we're going to pursue.

Can you give us one of your actors so we can bring them digitally? We're going to bring this character in; can we have her voice. We're going to do a clue that's going to put in this thing that you suggested back in Episode 7.

So it becomes sort of like a game of improvisation where the TV show makes a whole bunch of suggestions to Trion, and then Trion decides the ones that they can implement effectively.

That sounds like a pretty solid plan, actually. I wonder if this new level of cooperation will begin in the season 2 premiere, which comes on this Thursday night. I'll be recapping the show, so if any of you Defiance game-players want to come in and let us know your thoughts on this newfound synergy, please do!


Is the game FTP yet? I'm willing to try it if it's free, but the $60 price tag for a siffy show wasn't worth it to me. The concept was interesting, the company, well...