How Coraline's Designers Created an Entire World from Thread and Buttons

Neil Gaiman's movie adaptation of novel Coraline, about a young girl who finds a parallel universe inside her own home, has an amazing behind-the-scenes story. In these clips, you'll discover how the crafty designers used stop motion to create a beautiful orchard filled with cherry blossoms made of popcorn. You'll also find out how 5 miles of thread created one 5-inch-tall character. Director Henry Selick embroidered his button-eyed parallel world with insane detail. He even hired an artist to hand knit the characters' itty bitty sweaters. Coraline will be released on theaters on February 6.


These people redefine talent. That woman who knits tiny sweater? What an amazing niche! I thought that Corpse Bride looked phenomenal, but this sets the bar so much higher. It's such a shame that stop motion is such a lost art. I hope this movie gets nominated for an academy award.