How Captain America 2 Should Have Ended

Yes. Yes. Yes. I agree with "How It Should Have Ended's" assessment of Captain America: The Winter Soldier 100%.


Why were they holding back on that awesome "I can be anyone disguise?" Too many bullets, not enough make-up trickery. Plus I kind of love that it calls out Marvel for not actually being able to kill anyone and let it stick. Remember the first time you watched Avengers? That was the last time any of us truly felt the threat of death in the MCU. Ah well, I still love me some GOTG.

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Angrier Geek

I love, love, love this series, but every now and again they have a dud. This, sadly, is one of them. It's just not that funny. And too much of it about the Super Cafe and not the movie and there's soooo much to play with like the little debate Cap has with Nick about stopping a threat first. If Nick just says "Hitler" the debate is over. That's such a giant hole in the movie I can't believe they didn't go there first.